Home styling

Our home stylists work closely with home owners, while constantly seeking new trends and developments at the forefront of the industry. With more than a decade’s experience, out stylists thrive on creating a truly unique interior decor that reflect the personalities of the owners and their home.

3Mr and Mrs Teo approached KNTJ to style their home, so as to get it up and decorated for their housewarming event. After much discussion and understanding, we put forth a series of suggestions ranging from interior re-layout to artworks and accent pieces. Probably the most unique part of this project is to bring in the home owner himself, Mr Teo, as one of the artists responsible for the beautiful artworks in the house. The furnished interior merged the personalities of those living in the house, and gave a whole new identity that is unique and original to the house itself. The whole experience, from our initial meetings with the home owners to the end of the housewarming, is exhilarating.4